Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just a Little Break from it All. April 2017

April break in upstate NY is a time when I hope it is warm enough to get things done around the house. Over the past few years, I've learned otherwise. A hectic, stressful,  and tiring school year calls for a semi-warm climate and relaxation.  No quilting or crafting was purposely planned. Although by the time we got home I was itching to create something.

We didn't want to travel to far but really wanted to meet our daughter, Shannon, at some point. I have a colleague and friend who has a place where I've wanted to go for awhile now; you know, one of those things on a bucket list. I've heard about the wild ponies on Assateague and Chincoteague Islands in the past from various family and friends, so that's where we decided to go. Our good friends, Art and Donna, from Leland, NC (formerly from Schoharie) drove up to visit us too. :)

I'm not a big fan of horses, but there's something about seeing any animal in the wild. They are really beautiful animals that roam a nature preserve on Assateague Island in Virgina and Maryland.

Upon approaching the island I had no idea what to expect. We first had to pick up Shannon at Norfolk airport. 

What a day. Traffic in VA on Rt. 17 was horrible: 11/2 hours for a 2-mile stretch. 
However, when I think of the warmth, the spring flowers, and what we were hopefully going to see, the trip down was worth it. 

After we left the airport, we stayed the night in VA beach. I can't say this would be a place I'd come back to, but I'm glad had the chance to visit. Very commercial, even during the early spring months. 

Although the beach was nice, it really is for the young ones. 
Below is a car I just have to show Austin.  Are they 22's on that Lincoln? 

As we headed up to our destination, we crossed the Chesapeake Bay bridge and tunnel. All I can say is, I hope many people don't have to use this on a daily basis. 

Although it is a beautiful blue/green horizon, I felt the tunnels were just a bit overwhelming. 

Upon arriving at the outer shores of VA I was surprised to see how rural the area was. I expected to see something like VA Beach, Myrtle Beach, or OGT beach where we vacation in the summer. It's nothing like any of these and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Through VRBO we rented a  place on Chincoteague Island.  It is a low-key place with one grocery market and a few restaurants and gift shops.  There are a few hotels and motels and many older residential cottages. I'm told there are many of the old "Sears" houses. There isn't much to do and I didn't mind this at all. ( Maybe it's a thing as you get older). It was quiet, relaxing and enjoyable. 

The following pictures are some taken when arriving on the island.
The sculpture below depicts the horse "Misty" and the farm animals represented in the famous children's book

Shannon's toe was almost eaten by the monster mallards on the island. LOL 
Here she is trying to make friends with them. 

We have all heard the saying, "VA is for lovers." It's all over VA including here on some oversized adAdirondack chairs.  

Here is the oldest building on the island. Was happy to see this. Definitely not a Sears house. I loved looking at the joints with no nails.  

On one of the warmest days, we decided to go to the beach on Assateague Island. Rich, Shannon, and Donna are the beach bunnies. Artie and Tracy could really care less.  This experience was interesting: flies, flies, and more flies. The biting kind. We've been told, depending on how the wind blows, it will determine how bad the flies will be on the beach. It must have been blowing the wrong direction while we were there because Rich and Shannon said it was the shortest "beach day" they ever had. 

Yup... Artie and I were constantly being bitten by those dirty flies and I packed it in. No more beach days until the wind was blowing the right way.

I can't believe it's been months since I've posted. I must have been very busy at my teaching job. ( Yes you were). I hope in a few months I can post more when there is hopefully a little more time in the summer. 

What are your favorite spots for vacation during a tiring school year? Would love to hear your responses. 

Here are a few more pictures from our trip.

The Beach Visitors Center

Shannon's phone tumbled down the stairs. It was not a good time for the cell phones in our family.

Rich and Donna are at the top.
As promised, the sunsets were just gorgeous. 

Hikes with the Rulands. 

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