Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chirping Away - Part 2

I finally got the Cricut out that I've had for about 3 months  about a week ago. I started by creating some simple paper labels and Mod Podging them to paper covered containers.

I couldn't wait to try the vinyl that everyone raves about. My friend Kathleen at Projects at the Picketts, posted some cute door signs that she created. These really kick started my ambition to get going with this.

I purchased a roll of vinyl from It was much cheaper than those a Micheal's or JoAnn's. Every once in awhile these stores have a 40% coupon and you might be able to get it at a good price. It pays to shop around.

I eventually want to do something similar to what Kathleen did, but my first attempt at cutting vinyl was, again, a simple label for my recipe binder. I'll post a "Part 3" when I do the fancy vinyl wall decor.

This is just Soooooo Coooooool!

I learned from Kathleen's blog she can purchase single images of what she wants for her Silhouette which is much cheaper than an entire cartridge that Cricut offers. After more research I learned you can do the same with the Cricut, but the single designs are very limited at this time.
I soon found out that Cricut has a computer program that allows you to create your design on a virtual cutting mat and with a press of a button (not on the actual machine, but on the computer) it will begin to cut your design. I LOVE IT!

My second label was a correction from Part 1 - I spelled "cartridges" correctly and placed it on my cartridge container I made.

My next vinyl creation was a wall design to jazz up the area where I store my Cricut and accessories: a simple mirrored flower design between the two shelves.   The design It was a little tricky to remove the intricut parts of the design , but all in all it was pretty easy to follow all the step and place on the wall.  I wasn't to sure of how to use the transfer tape, but as soon as I read the directions, it was a breeze.

Awhile back I glued flower buttons on push pins for the cork board in my "office". I thought it would pretty neat to add a few buttons to this design on the wall. What do you think?

Below is a picture of my Cricut's living quarters. I think it will be happy there when I'm not putting it to work.

Before Irene came to visit us in Schoharie, I had a Sizzix die cut machine with many,many die. At the time I bought it I did choose it over the Cricut, not fully understanding what the Cricut could do. Since Irene took the Sizzix with her, I've been missing what it could do and decided on the Cricut this time. And boy I am glad I did!

I wonder if other people who have a Cricut  or similar machine have the same reaction when they start using it?  What was your reaction?

I'm off to start the chirping again.

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