Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PFTP - Fun with Day of the Dead

Projects from the Past: Personalized Bar Mops

Shannon works at a great Mexican restaurant on Sullivan's Island in SC called Mex1 Coastal Cantina. It's a must visit for delicious food and drink.

She seems to really like her job and I enjoy seeing her work the crowd.   For her birthday I decided to make her some personalized bar mops she could use on the job.
It starts with finding a design, making the necessary adjustments in your computer software and plugging it into your embroidery machine.

I decided on lining them with 100% cotton fabric for extra absorbancy.

Made her a headband to wear when she wanted. I think this was at Boot Camp.

She and her friend did face painting celebrating the occasion. The day was a success.
And she liked the bar mops. She did say the next ones I make should be bigger. Must be they either make a lot of messes or sell a lot of drinks!

Enjoy the day,

PFTP - Arctic Freeze Quilt

Project From the Past - Arctic Freeze Quilt 

This past fall I stumbled on to this fantastic woodland fabric from Hawthorne Threads and, of course, I had to buy it. I loved the winter blue hues and animals. 

Instead of a traditional cotton backing, I chose a grey minky fabric for the back. Minky is so soft and it added just a little more to the weight of the quilt. 

It seems at some point during the making of a project I am in need of one or two of these.  Luckily the knicks and cuts aren't that serious. These should be a staple in everyone's sewing kit.

I was lucky enough to have a dear friend purchase this quilt for her grand nephew. Doesn't it look great with the nursery coordinates?  

Congratulations Lori and family! Enjoy the quilt and enjoy the little one.

I liked this quilt so much, I purchased the fabric again in blue and in a pink/coral for a girl. I need to get them started ASAP.

Lessons Learned:
1. Minky is beautiful, but messy.
2. This fabric, designed and produced by Hawthorne Threads, has a really wonderful, heavier weight feel to it.
3. The quilt was machine washed,dried, and came out beautiful.

Enjoy the day.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I've Heard the Birds Singing for a Year

I just love this collection of fabric prints from Riley Blake's collection called Summer Song 2.  It's been singing to me for two summers now, meaning I started it last year.

That's okay though because I've been putting off the quilting part until I became better at free motion machine quilting.  This is the biggest quilt I've machine quilted and I'm pretty happy with it.

The beginning: sewing strips together.

Cutting the strips into squares.

Laying out the rows how you like. My bed is the only surface I have big enough for this except for the floor. My back and knees tell me, " Please, NO MORE FLOORS! "

Sewing white strips in between. It's really easy. 

Piecing the rows together and labeling them. 

It's coming together. 

A year has passed before I felt comfortable enough to machine quilt this beauty. One step at a time, right? And take your time.

Finished in two days rather than rush to finish in one.  Goodnight quilt. 

Not many people like to do this, but I love to do the binding. 

Embarrassment! Yes, it's been in storage since last summer. But, good things come to those who wait, right? 

Viola! Finally finished. I just love the colors. If I had a grand daughter I would not be parting with it. 
Can you picture a young girls room with this laying over her bed? In a field for a picnic? On a fort floor? Or just curled around her to keep her warm? 

I call it Pinkalicious because the colors that stands out to me are the delicious pinks. They remind me  of ice cream, pink flowers, funny pink birds,  and pink cotton candy. Yes, summer it is.

I love this picture on the rail fence with Vroman's Nose in the background. The greens of summer and the blue sky are truly a wonderful background for this quilt.

Lessons learned: 

1. I've mentioned before how I enjoy using jelly rolls. The ease in which they go together is wonderful.  I have learned, however, there is more to quilting than strips. I will experiment with more designs when I can. 

2. My greatest learning experience from this quilt came from the year long wait. I knew I wanted to machine quilt this with stipples, or meanders, but I just wasn't ready. I wasn't totally confident when I started to do this, but once I started and relaxed my neck and shoulder muscles, the process became much easier. 

This 60x60 quilt is for sale. Hop on over to my Etsy shop for details.  

Thanks for visiting on this beautiful sunny day.