Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Quilt to be Donated to the Ronald McDonald House

On July 22, I participated in a day long sew in to make a quilt to be donated to the sick children at the Ronald McDonald House in Albany, NY. 
Eight people came together at Shirleys Stoney Creek in Richmondville, NY to sew quilts. At the end of the day, we'll have 8 or 9 quilts to bring to the Quilts for Kid's Northeast Chapter of NY, who will deliver them the Ronald McDonald House.

I made an 8" block of sea creatures complimented by an 8" windmill block. I chose this because I really need some practice with the windmill blocks. I started with fabric unrelated to what I wanted to use in the quilt.

Then began with the fabrics I chose for this quilt. 

I made these ahead of the event and thank goodness I did. Otherwise, I'd be there for two days making these things. I have reason to practice making these which I'll share in a future post
I alternated the windmill blocks with the sea creatures to create a row. I made 5 rows. 
The night before I was working on some embroidery projects. I thought I would quickly make a label for the quilt. Here are my thread choices.
And here is my label.
I put together the rows at Shirley's Stoney Creek on the day of the event.
Once the rows were together, I made the back and sandwiched the batting in between the quilt top and backing.  I set up my (very heavy machine I took to Shirley's) and quilted the sandwich.  

At the end of five hours, the only thing I had left to do was a binding.
Back at home, I started the binding. 

The finished quilt.

I'd love to see some of your quilts you've made for a charity or community group. Feel free to comment and post pictures of what is special to you. 

Finished Quilts for Kids 2017

July 22, 2017. The first annual quilts for kids day at Shirley's Stoney Creek in Richmondville, NY. 
What fun we had making quilts for kids at the Ronald McDonald House in Albany. I love this charity because it involves my favorites of fabric, quilts, and kids. 
Here are the quilts we created that day.  You can see we were busy bees for the day. 

A few quilts were featured in the local paper.

Later on, I took a bunch of the quilts: flipped, quilted, sewed the opening,  and laundered.   

I love all the color choices.


We thoroughly enjoyed making these quilts for the kids at the Ronald McDonald House in Albany. They will be delivered to the Quilts for Kids Northeast Chapter on Thurs. Aug. 17. 
Do you have a favorite charity you support? I'd love to hear about it. 

More Cricut Projects from the Past

Too little time for so much creativity and fun for me. I wish I had time to post on a regular basis; but, you know, life gets in the way. These are some posts of Cricut projects created during the past year. Using the Cricut could mean cutting paper, cutting and applying vinyl, you can do just about anything with this machine.  I just love all the things you can create with it.

SFT Event for Retired and Newly Tenured Teachers

Isn't it nice our Local 803 recognizes our teachers during an annual dinner event? They asked me to create an item for newly tenured teachers to commemorate their tenure status. In today's political unease, this is a great thing.

I gave a couple of friends these cute little personalize pencil cups in Sept.

The SFT liked them so much, they asked me to make them for the newly tenured teachers. After many emails back and forth, we decided on the following:
A pencil cup filled with pencils and pens of course.

The SFT logo and number. 

I topped them with a whimsical apple with a reminder to laugh while you teach. It will keep you sane. LOL

A big blue bow to hold everything together.

Thank you SFT. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these for you

Retirement Gifts for a Special PE Teacher

My husband built the box and painted it.  I  added the personalization from a friends input. The saying truly reflects the personality of the recipient. I wish there would be another one of her for this next school year.
What a career for this retiree?  Wow!! I can't believe all she has accomplished. She even want's to come back to substitute in the future. She, KD, is a wonderful human being (even though she is tough and strict) she's my kind of teacher!

Laundry Soap LabelsYes, I do make my own laundry soap. I'm cheap, I'll admit it. The laundry soap in the stores is one of the most expensive things. With some help from Pinterest, I've learned to make my own. I recently decided to label these containers.

Scoop in a 1/2  cup of the concoction and your laundry comes out at least the same as your current laundry soap or better. 
Ever since Hurricane Irene, I just can't deal with the smell of Tide soap. Too many reminders and seems just "gross". This soap is a combination of Borax, Fels Naptha, and Super Washing Soda.  It smells good and doesn't remind me of the flood. Oh, it works great, too! Just Google "Super Laundry Sauce". There are many recipes. Pick one and go with it. I

Gifts for a Special Someone(s) These were fun and very inexpensive. Dollar store glass and candle. I added the vinyl.

This glass says it all. An extra large wine glass with vinyl reminders of the day. 
These were perfect for my retired friend in the south. :)

Mike and Lori's Wedding
We had fun creating gifts for our brother in law's wedding. Very laid back, and a good time had by everyone.
My kids, Shannon and Austin, wanted to give something meaningful. They knew the couple liked fishing, the country, and like anyone, a good country beer.
So here is their gift.

Fill with ice and adult beverage of your choice and you are on your way to a great fishing trip. 

And how about this memoir?  A frame commemorating the date of their wedding. 

They are not as easy as they look, but a great gift anyway. 

Invitations for a Milestone BirthdayMichael turned 50 this past year. I had fun making these invitations for him. This was the theme, a vintage dude! 

The party was a big success. Michael was surprised! 

End of Year Treats for StudentsThis was the first in 26 Yrs. I've had students for an entire year. It was great to get to know all of them. These were the treats I gave them at the end of the year. 

A little bag with a topper wishing my students a happy summer. I included my email address for them to keep in touch. 

At Home Name BoardDesign and cut. Remove excess vinyl. 

Use transfer tape to move from vinyl paper to tape, to board.
Press on treated wood pallets.
 A wonderful sign for any household. 

Mother's Day Bags
The Cricut is able to cut a number of different templates including gift bags. I purchased Alex and Ani bracelets for my three mom's this particular year. The gift bags were a nice compliment. 

Each of my mom's really loved this gift and the gift bag. 

More Vinyl on Blocks
A very well liked "hostess gift for my Sis."  We agreed this year not to buy Christmas gifts for each other. So I told her this was not a Christmas gift, but a hostess gift because she out does herself when cooking for so many people. 

Stemless Champagne Glasses
For some reason, these glasses just feel good in your hands. 

And what teacher doesn't need a little therapy now and then?

Print and Cut Gift Tags
Easy tags for any type tags.


Shannon asked for some tees she could wear to work. 

These are Easter gifts.

Baby Onesies

I love this onesie. A cute saying with a touch of humor sent to a special girl in North Carolina. 
And another for St. Pat's day. 

There is so much more you can do with vinyl and the Cricut machine. I can't wait to get started on more projects. 

Do you have a Cricut or Silhouette?  I'd love to hear what you enjoy making.

Happy Creating,