Monday, September 4, 2017

Auction for Texas

For many who have read my blog, you may have picked up bits and pieces of personal tragedy from "tropical storm" Irene. She swept through Schoharie County destroying many homes.   What is ironic is that Hurricane Harvey has devastated homes in TX on the 6th anniversary of Irene.  It's been a tough week for me having to relive what I  and my family and friends went through. My cousin lives in Orange, TX and, as of Sept. 5, his home still has water inside and out. This is why I feel the need to do something for my "my Texas Family".
I've emailed the staff at my school and others, to see if they would contribute gift cards to the people and animals of Orange, TX.  I've had a wonderful response.  I can't wait to send these cards to my cousin Mark, and his family.
In addition,  I am doing an online auction to raise money for additional cards. All proceeds will go to the people of Orange, TX. So what's the auction?
These "crate seats" have been a popular item for teachers to create customized seating arrangements in their classrooms.  The seating area lifts out so the crate can be used as storage. I personally have a number of these. I put a clipboard in each so when kids choose to sit on them, they have something sturdy to write on. I made 4 two years ago, 10 last year and 30 of these this year.  
The cost of each of these for me to make is $15.  
Charlie was skeptical of these crates, but once I told them what they were for, he jumped on the bandwagon and decided to help with a testimonial of how much he liked them.
He says," If I can sit comfortably on these crates, your students will too." "Woof"

So here's the deal: Charlie needs  $15 a piece for these NY Yankees crates. He says they are great for seating in classrooms, man caves, boys rooms ( or girls), offices, or whatever. Charle will start the auction at 2 for $25.  All you have to do is contact me or Charlie at, or if we are Facebook friends you can message me there with an offer for the crates. (Local Pickup or delivery only, unless you are willing to pay for shipping).  The winner will be contacted on Sept 16.  If the auction is wildly popular (wouldn't that be nice) I will post what the current high price is.

Thank you to all my friends for following my blog and responding to a worthwhile cause.

Lessons Learned:
1. No one is exempt from nature's fury. It can happen anytime, anyplace.
2. It feels good to help someone who you feel a personal connection with because of unplanned circumstances.
3. My colleagues in Schenectady City Schools are the BEST! They always come through in times of need.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Quilt to be Donated to the Ronald McDonald House

On July 22, I participated in a day long sew in to make a quilt to be donated to the sick children at the Ronald McDonald House in Albany, NY. 
Eight people came together at Shirleys Stoney Creek in Richmondville, NY to sew quilts. At the end of the day, we'll have 8 or 9 quilts to bring to the Quilts for Kid's Northeast Chapter of NY, who will deliver them the Ronald McDonald House.

I made an 8" block of sea creatures complimented by an 8" windmill block. I chose this because I really need some practice with the windmill blocks. I started with fabric unrelated to what I wanted to use in the quilt.

Then began with the fabrics I chose for this quilt. 

I made these ahead of the event and thank goodness I did. Otherwise, I'd be there for two days making these things. I have reason to practice making these which I'll share in a future post
I alternated the windmill blocks with the sea creatures to create a row. I made 5 rows. 
The night before I was working on some embroidery projects. I thought I would quickly make a label for the quilt. Here are my thread choices.
And here is my label.
I put together the rows at Shirley's Stoney Creek on the day of the event.
Once the rows were together, I made the back and sandwiched the batting in between the quilt top and backing.  I set up my (very heavy machine I took to Shirley's) and quilted the sandwich.  

At the end of five hours, the only thing I had left to do was a binding.
Back at home, I started the binding. 

The finished quilt.

I'd love to see some of your quilts you've made for a charity or community group. Feel free to comment and post pictures of what is special to you. 

Finished Quilts for Kids 2017

July 22, 2017. The first annual quilts for kids day at Shirley's Stoney Creek in Richmondville, NY. 
What fun we had making quilts for kids at the Ronald McDonald House in Albany. I love this charity because it involves my favorites of fabric, quilts, and kids. 
Here are the quilts we created that day.  You can see we were busy bees for the day. 

A few quilts were featured in the local paper.

Later on, I took a bunch of the quilts: flipped, quilted, sewed the opening,  and laundered.   

I love all the color choices.


We thoroughly enjoyed making these quilts for the kids at the Ronald McDonald House in Albany. They will be delivered to the Quilts for Kids Northeast Chapter on Thurs. Aug. 17. 
Do you have a favorite charity you support? I'd love to hear about it.