Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mug or Candle? You Decide

The video tutorials from Missouri Star Quilt Company are quickly becoming some of my favorites for quilting project ideas and learning how to quilt. They are done in real time and are very easy to follow. This video shows how to make a simple mug rug. I chose to use them as candle mats for the patriotic holidays.

You can make them out of any scraps you have, or pick up a themed fat quarter pack at your favorite store.  You will also need  fusible fleece and enough fabric for a backing.  I also invested in the small periwinkle template which is great to use with 5" charm packs.

The video will provide detailed directions on how to cut and put together the periwinkle shapes. After you've sewn the shape together, cut a matching piece of fusible fleece. I like to trim about 1/8th to 1/4 inch off around the fleece shape. Go ahead and press the fleece to the fabric star.  

Next, cut a piece of fabric for the backing bigger than the star. You'll trim this after it is sewn together. 


I used a machine foot with a 1/4 in guide to sew around the star. You must leave one of the side of the star unsewn in order to turn the star right side out. 

Once you have sewn around the star, leaving an opening, trim away the extra fabric. 

Go ahead and turn the star right side out and press. As you press, fold the opening to the inside. You can add a pin to secure it if you wish.

This is a really fun project to quilt and a super simple one to make. I plan on making many more for a variety of occasions. 

So what would you use this project for? Candle or Mug? 

I think my family will use it for BOTH. Happy July 4th Everyone! 

Lessons Learned: 
  1. Be sure you sew each piece exactly 1/4 inch. Sew three points together, press, then sew to two groups of three together. Sometimes I get in a hurry and skip over the pressing part. It is very important. 
  2. Watch more of Jenny Doan's videos. 

Do you think you might try one of these? I'd love to hear about your project. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Simple Things Can Help A Lot

Do you know someone who has a difficult time doing simple daily tasks?

Occupational therapists know many.  My son's girl, Kelly, sent my husband this idea a couple of weeks ago on facebook.

She thought it would help my Aunt Sam gain a bit more control over drinking from a cup.  It turned out to be a really great idea. 

All you need are clips that grip the side of a glass without moving around. A sturdy straw larger than the bendable ones, hot glue and glasses.  I purchased the straws, clips and glasses at Walmart.

Begin by cutting the larger sturdy straw into a 2" piece and hot glueing it to the clip. 

When the glue is dry, secure the clip to the glass and add a regular bendable straw. 

This is a really great help for children or the elderly who are having difficulty holding a glass to drink. 

The glasses below are for Aunt Sam; one for  her at my mom's, and one for her when she comes to visit at 127. 

Thank you Kelly for thinking of Aunt Sam. You are going to be a really great Occupational Therapist who helps others live life to their fullest! :) 

Lessons learned: 
1. It's great to know someone who can help other in their time of need. 

I hope many of you can utilize this idea and more to help your loved ones.