Sunday, June 7, 2015

Simple Things Can Help A Lot

Do you know someone who has a difficult time doing simple daily tasks?

Occupational therapists know many.  My son's girl, Kelly, sent my husband this idea a couple of weeks ago on facebook.

She thought it would help my Aunt Sam gain a bit more control over drinking from a cup.  It turned out to be a really great idea. 

All you need are clips that grip the side of a glass without moving around. A sturdy straw larger than the bendable ones, hot glue and glasses.  I purchased the straws, clips and glasses at Walmart.

Begin by cutting the larger sturdy straw into a 2" piece and hot glueing it to the clip. 

When the glue is dry, secure the clip to the glass and add a regular bendable straw. 

This is a really great help for children or the elderly who are having difficulty holding a glass to drink. 

The glasses below are for Aunt Sam; one for  her at my mom's, and one for her when she comes to visit at 127. 

Thank you Kelly for thinking of Aunt Sam. You are going to be a really great Occupational Therapist who helps others live life to their fullest! :) 

Lessons learned: 
1. It's great to know someone who can help other in their time of need. 

I hope many of you can utilize this idea and more to help your loved ones. 

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