Wednesday, April 8, 2015

County Quilts

If you've looked at this blog, as you scroll towards the bottom of the page, you've probably noticed there is  picture of and link to the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail.  A truly amazing undertaking, it is a collection of large, painted quilt blocks on display for anyone and everyone to see. Barn Quilts and Trails are not something new. There are many across the United States. It's cool to see these popping up in Schoharie County and adding to the ones already out there.

Below are some of the photos I took of these creative depictions of history.  

On Clauverwie in Middleburgh at the Dr. Best Medical Exhibit. 

At the Carrot Barn in Schoharie. 

In Schoharie on Generations gift and antique shop on Main Street.  

A barn quilt does not have to be hung on a barn. Many businesses have them and so do many individual homes. This one is in Huntersland.  

Here is a smaller one on Knox Gallupville Road. 

And yet another smaller one on Warrior Way in Middleburgh. 

 Cobleskill's Main Street is host to this block, right across from Burger King.

Another on Knox Gallupville Road. 

These two blocks are in Hyndsville on Rt. 10. One right after the other. 

 This looks beautiful on NBT Bank in Middleburgh.

Taking a hiking trip up Vroman's Nose? You'll see this on the new shop: Under The Nose Gifts. It is on Mill Valley Road.  It is one of my favorites.  

Found this one in Gallupville today.  

If you are a fan of Grapevine Farms, take a look out back. A gorgeous stand alone block, framed and landscaped.

The Middleburgh Library has it's own block too. The library is host to an annual quilt show featuring many local talented quilters.   

And this, you'll notice, is the original of the photo at the top of the page. I love the color combination on the red barn, it really catches your eye. I'm sure this is just a beauty in the fall. 

I've seen some of the other Barn Quilts on the Schoharie County Trail, but haven't had a chance to get a photo. I'll add more as I get them. 

If you are looking for something to do on a  spring or summer weekend, Schoharie County has some great gift shops, eateries, and sights to see, including these great pieces of art. 

Lessons Learned: 

1. I can get a better picture when I'm not riding with Rich. :) 
2. Don't try to take a picture through the windshield of the car while it's raining. Yes, I know this is
    common sense, but sometimes it escapes all of us.
3. This could be a great geocache outing. 
4. This is going to be a project for summer. Look for a block at 127. 

Do you know of a Barn Quilt or Trail near you? I'd love to hear where it is located. 

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