Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camera + App

I might just  be an iPhone convert.  I've  been able to upgrade my phone for about 6 months now. I was  perfectly happy with a  full keyboard, no internet, nothing fancy phone. But when I tried the iPhone and talked with people who had one, I thought I was missing something. Now let's face it, if my nephew Cody can use an iPhone, I thought, well I can too. Of course I did the research on the other android compatible phones, but in the end I selected the iPhone. I guess the big reason was I wanted to have my musis, book and phone in the same place. Of course with the iPhone you have to have a data plan. If my postings to FB this week are any indication of how I enjoy having the internet, I'll never do with out it again.

Soon after getting the phone I started looking for the free apps. I came across the Photo + app and although not free, it was totally worth the few dollars it cost. You can change effects, add borders, share on FB or Twitter and so much more. Below is a picture I took on Ogunquit Beach. The following are a few effects created with Photo+.


Auto Bright with Black Border

 Purple Haze
 Black and White

Which one do you like best? Do you use the Camera+ App on your phone?

Lessons Learned:

1. Start practicing with this app!

Happy picture taking,

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