Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Everyone Loves Olaf, and Olaf Loves Summer!

When my children were small I loved making them costumes, clothes, and anything that could be sewn.  Although I don't have any young kids to sew for in the family right now, I still like to Pin ideas  on Pinterest for someday when I do.

A few years ago I came across the Little Dresses for Africa service project.  I toyed with using this in a sewing club at work, but it never came to fruition.  The pattern for this dress is so simple and there are many different designs on Pinterest and Etsy.  I wanted to make one just to say I had. When I came across this whimsical Olaf in the Summer fabric print, I knew this was the fabric  I wanted to make this cute little dress out of.

I prewashed the fabric before cutting the pattern pieces out.

The bottom border was a little trickier than I though it would be, but I made it work.
For the top of the dress the armholes were folded over and sewn and the top front and back was folded over enough to make a casing for the tie.

The tie is actually a long tube of fabric. Turned right side out, pressed and sewn; it is then threaded through the casings in the front and back of the dress.  The tie can be made as long or as short as needed and the dress is adjusted by tying a bow on one side of the dress.

Doesn't this dress just scream a summer day at the beach? Or maybe a play date in the park?

This particular dress is FOR SALE. It is a size 2. For information on pricing  and payment click here then click on accessories.

Maybe someday soon I'll have a little girl to sew for in our extended family. I hope so.

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