Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ocean Inspired

Ah the beach. *sigh*.  I'm  not a sit in the sun, shake and bake kind of person, I like just looking at and hearing the water. Something about being here......

Because I don't worship the sun, there is lots of time on vacations for me to create something or think about creating something.  My creations this time included a few items of jewelry inspired by the ocean and waves.

The first is a starfish bracelet and earring set. I might sell them on Etsy, but not sure yet. I just might have to keep these.

The second is a pair of ocean wave earrings. I thought the colors and the finding with the swirl on were a match made at the beach. 

Is there a place or a mood that starts your creative juices flowing?

Lessons Learned:

1. Learn to take photographs that enhance items created. :)


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