Sunday, June 25, 2017

Quilts for Kids 2017

Seven years ago, 2010,  I became familiar with the Quilts for Kids organization
that donates quilts to kids in need. I wanted a project that involved teaching my students to sew and had a special meaning to them. The students had a blast making two quilts for them.

Last year, 2016, there were some students who really wanted to learn to sew and make quilts. I taught an extra class (without compensation) with these students. We made three quilts, plus two I made, which were delivered to a local chapter in Saratoga. These quilts went to a local Ronal McDonald House.

On to 2017. To keep the momentum going, Shirley's Stoney Creek has agreed to host a Saturday, Quilt for Kids quilting session on July 22.

Here is the information if you are interested in making a quilt to donate. It's a great feeling to know that your skills can make a child in need happy.

Quilts for Kids
A day of quilting fun for a great cause at Shirley’s Stoney Creek
Richmondville, NY (518) 294-6537

What is it: A charity event to create quilts to donate to Quilts for Kids. Bring your own fabric
(requirements below). Quilts will be donated to Quilts for Kids and go to the Ronald McDonald House in Albany, NY.

When: July 22, 2017
             9am – 3pm
             12-1 Lunch on Your Own

Where: Shirley’s Stoney Creek, Richmondville, NY Call Shirley to reserve your spot. (518) 294-6537

Who: Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced. If you have previously created a quilt at Shirley’s, you qualify for this special event.

Cost:  Only the cost of your materials. 


1. Call Shirley at Shirley’s Stoney Creek to reserve a spot on July 22.  Space is limited.

2. Choose a pattern.  The size should be approximately 38” – 40” X 40” – 46”.    You can also purchase panels. * Your local fabric store can help you if you take the pattern to them. Choose only 100% Cotton Fabric. 
 Here are some examples of quilts  you can make:  
       1. Alternate Squares
       2. Four Patch Pattern

3. Batting for your quilt will be provided by Shirley. 

4.  Purchase enough of a 100% cotton single fabric for the backing. 11/2 yards is usually enough.

5.  Prewash all the cotton fabric.  Wash fabric in warm water temp, tumble dry on low, and iron the fabric.

6. Bring to Shirley’s Stoney Creek on July 22 to create a quilt for a child in need.

When quilts are done they will be delivered to the Quilts for Kids Upstate NY Chapter in Saratoga. If you go to this link, you can see many of the quilts that have been donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Albany. 

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