Sunday, June 25, 2017

Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, VA April Break 2017

There is just something about nature and flowers. The young are not as appreciative as us older folks, but someday they'll come to enjoy these natural beauties just as we do.
This past April we decided to go to VA to Assateague Island.  At the end of our stay, we slipped in a visit to the Norfolk, VA  Botanical Gardens while waiting to drop off my daughter at the airport. The spring plants and flowers were just beautiful.
I can't remember all the beauties I saw, but for those I did, I'll put the names in the picture captions.
Yellow Rose Perfection. 

Yellow Roses - My Mom's favorite.
 Giving yellow roses can tell someone the joy they bring you and the friendship you share.

Calla Lilly
I'm trying to grow these this summer. 

A type of Wysteria. 


Beautiful Azaleas


Orchids in the hot house. 
They were just beautiful. 

Phaleonopsis Orchid 

One of my fav's.

Something weird.  Not at all sure what it is. 

Recognize these as past Easter corsages?

Yellow and green tulips. What? GMO? 

Warm weather, beautiful flowers, chance to see friends and family.
It was a good vacation.

Hope you had a chance to unwind and enjoy. 

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