Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quilt as You Go Halloween Coasters

I've become fascinated by the quilt as you go (QAG) method for making small items like bags, table toppers, etc. Someday I'll try a larger quilt project by piecing QAG blocks, but for now, small and simple is the best place to start. 

In just about every quilting project I've read about or viewed on YouTube, I heard so many times, "Save your scraps!" I think, "I'm not going to save all the scraps because I don't have an inch left in my sewing/office space to store them."  

So I've compromised. After finishing up a larger project, I'm sold on saving "some" scraps. These coasters were so easy with the QAG method: it took hardly any time at all. To make it even easier, I used Bosal Double Sided Fusible Foam instead of batting.  I first heard about the foam from one of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. videos and tried in vain to order it online. I finally found one and soon after many vendors were selling it.  All you need for this project is scraps, foam and some fabric for the backing. 
I cut squares of foam the size I wanted for coasters. Start by sewing a square, or any size fabric anywhere on the piece of foam. Go ahead and sew some quilt lines through them if you want to.  I've finger pressed these small pieces. 

Here is a view of the back of the foam. 
You can add pieces wherever you want to. It doesn't have to be going around the initial piece. That's what is so great about QAG and using the scraps you have.  
When finished, go ahead and press what you have quilted to the foam. You should notice a difference right away in the stability of the coaster. 
Another view of the back.
Next, square the coaster up by cutting the shape of the foam. In this case a square.

Cut a piece of fabric the size of the square and sew it right sides together with the QAG piece.
Be sure to leave an opening so you can flip it right side out.
Press the back side of the fabric to the foam and hand stitch the opening.
I can't wait to make more of these little goodies. How about you? Have you ever made a Quilt as You Go Project? Have you ever used the Bosal Foam? 

Lesson's Learned: 
1.There are no rules for QAG. Have fun and be creative. 

Have fun, 
By the way, here's preview of coming Trick or Treat attractions: 

Thank you Lindsey for sharing this post on your blog!

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Afton Warrick said...

What fun fabrics; I love the eyeballs! I'm glad you found a middle ground between drowning in scraps, and having to discard usable fabric. I'd never heard of Bosal Foam. It's sounds very useful. I haven't done much Quilt As You Go. I think I'd want to keep it to smaller projects like this one to avoid having to attach different sections.

Tracy said...

Hi Afton,
Aren't the eyeballs neat? It is one of my favorites. I checked out your blog and noticed the bag you created. The foam would be an excellent choice instead of batting or fleece. I just finished a bag made with the foam and will be posting it in a couple of weeks. Thanks for visiting. PS. You have such a pretty name.

Lindsey said...

Tracy! I love your coasters! I have always wanted to try and do QAG! Thanks for the inspiration! -Lindsey (Fort Worth Fabric Studio)

Featured your coasters over on the blog today! :)

Tracy said...

Hi Lindsey, Thanks so much! The coasters were really easy to make; a good project to start QAG. Can't wait to see you give it a try. Thanks for sharing my project on your blog.