Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let There Be Light (but not too much)

Rich is fascinated by those outdoor LED lights. He has them in the garden, on the deck; and if I let him, he'd have them everywhere.

Yesterday morning I made the mistake of showing something kind of cool looking that Gina Crook pinned on Pinterest: this set of 4 lights set into landscape timbers.

Well that did it. We were on our way to Kelly Farm and Garden and picked up all the materials to make the light post.

The post were cut various heights and drilled the size of the light cylinders.

Rich then stained the posts using a stain and poly blend.

After securing the four main posts to one in the middle and adding the lights, by Sunday afternoon we had a nice display for our deck.

And here they are at night. 

I think the flash was a little to bright for the fourth light in the first picture. It took a long time for these to light up. And weren't we lucky enough to get lights that change colors if we want. 

Nice work Rich, just don't get carried away. 

Have a great night, 


Kathleen said...

I love that! What a great way to add lights on the deck without running extension cords.

Tracy said...

Thanks Kathleen. They do add a nice ambiance while enjoying the summer nights outside.