Tuesday, February 21, 2017

PFTP - Fun with Day of the Dead

Projects from the Past: Personalized Bar Mops

Shannon works at a great Mexican restaurant on Sullivan's Island in SC called Mex1 Coastal Cantina. It's a must visit for delicious food and drink.

She seems to really like her job and I enjoy seeing her work the crowd.   For her birthday I decided to make her some personalized bar mops she could use on the job.
It starts with finding a design, making the necessary adjustments in your computer software and plugging it into your embroidery machine.

I decided on lining them with 100% cotton fabric for extra absorbancy.

Made her a headband to wear when she wanted. I think this was at Boot Camp.

She and her friend did face painting celebrating the occasion. The day was a success.
And she liked the bar mops. She did say the next ones I make should be bigger. Must be they either make a lot of messes or sell a lot of drinks!

Enjoy the day,

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