Saturday, July 1, 2017

More Embroidery From the Recent Past

Picked up this kit in SC. A nice size  pouch for essential items to take to quilt classes. 

A special flannel blanket for a special someone at work.  Her 1st baby is Olivia.

Camping is a favorite of my brother in-law and his special wife.  I hope they enjoy these towels as much as I enjoyed making them for them. 

Oh, Leo. How did you get in here????? Must be  because you  wanted to come with Shannon to the special event for Micheal and Lori.

Here are some Christmas gifts for the sista's. A dolphin for Val, a heart of the beach for Missy, and a Polar Bear for Kim.

 Kitchen delights of cherry pie and cupcakes for Gramma Chari.

Grannies rolling the grand-babies. 

A gift for a special someone. 

So much fun making these. 
If you would like a customized gift for a friend, contact me at and send me your ideas. 

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