Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bunnies, Peeps and Easter Treats - Part 2

Basket of Bunnies

I saw this idea as I was looking for fabric online.  It looked like a fun idea for an Easter centerpiece.

I started by gathering a bunch of Easter print fat quarters. Always pre wash and press the fabric. 

I folded each fat quarter so I could pin the pattern on four layers of fabric.   I had some fabric left over that I've started an Easter table runner. I'm thinking I'm not going to get that done before Sunday. 

 Each bunny was cut using pinking shears. These bunnies are not sewed right sides together and then flipped to the right side, they are sewed around the outline of fabric. The pinking shears will prevent the fabric from fraying.

After all the bunnies were sewn wrong sides together, each was stuffed and the ends sewed.

Each bunny was given a ribbon tie and are now ready for the Easter parade,

 or rather their Easter basket home.

Lessons learned:

1. Start projects like this as early as you can. Use television time, or sitting in the sun ( if we every get some) to stuff the bunnies. I knew it was going to be a process that would take a little time, but the results were well worth it.

The original project can be found at The Little Fabric Blog . I like the classic linen bunnies on this page too. I might try them from burlap.

Felt Peeps

While Shannon is in the south, I found I needed something to keep me busy during the long rides to visit her. This was my first project made out of felt. It is so easy to work with. These little projects are now my go to "car craft" for those trips where boredom might set in.

This pattern can be found at Micheal Ann Made.  

Lessons Learned:

1. I need to brush up on my embroidery techniques. Instead of using felt for the eyes, I tried I French knot. I'll definitely be doing the eyes and noses over. ( Or maybe leave them on this set as a reminder and for some added character).

Peeps and Posies

Here's quick and easy way to brighten any table or serving area for the holiday.

Start with a container that fits into a container with about an inch or so space when you put the smaller into the larger. Fill with your favorite holiday candy or trinkets.

Fill the inner container with water and plant food and arrange your flowers how you like. I used my Cricut Explore to cut some paper peeps to add.

Lessons learned?

1. I really wanted a square container but couldn't find one in the stores near me. I'll be looking for one the next time I'm at HoLo.

2. The containers used here were just a bit to small. I would have liked to have more room for the flowers. This would work better for a display of a few yellow and pink roses.

I have one more post of Easter treats coming soon.

Hope you are enjoying getting ready for this spiritual and fun holiday.


Janine said...

Hi when you made the bunnies did you do a backstitch to seal the stitch and when sewing the hole up did you do the same, mine look a bit messy x

Tracy said...

Yes, Janine. It seemed I did a lot of backstitching on these bunnies. I can see how they might turn out a little messy. Take your time and have fun. You'll have a great project when finished.
Thanks for visiting.