Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vinyl on Jars and Old Man Card

Yesterday was Cricut project day again. The first project was one Shannon saw I had on Pinterest. Her comment was, "Did you make this?!?!!? Can't I please please please have one...or three :-)." 
I'd love to give credit to the creator of the jar  to the right, but it was one of those pins that led to just the photo.
I made a few changes to the design. First I used the plastic mason jar caps. I thought these would wear better than the standard, metal mason caps. I purchased plastic straws on eBay so they could be used over and over. 
You can also see the actual vinyl design is different from the jar above. One thing I don't like so much about Cricut is their limited selection of individual images. I didn't have access to a pair of glasses, so I used a sun instead.  Let's see what Shannon thinks of this thirst quenching drink holder.  

The second project was an original idea. I'm always finding extra change in the washer and dryer from unchecked pockets. I had no place to collect the change so I thought of those empty candle jars I've been saving. This jar held a 3 wick candle from Bath and Body Works.  Really, any jar with a top would do. A little vinyl on both sides and here's a nice size jar for that little extra I find in the wash. Finders keepers, right?  I wonder how long it will take to fill up? 

The last project I made was a first attempt to create a card using the Cricut.  I wanted to keep this really simple since it was the first go around. The card was also for my brother in law, so it was a challenge to choose colors for a guy.   I must admit, I did not like the time this took at all.  I used solid and printed scrapbook paper; and a gray, translucent washi tape for the outside. I ran the paper through a Xyron sticker machine so the entire surface  of the backs of the letters would be sticky. (I had a larger Xyron machine, but that's another item Irene now has. ) I purchased a smaller size one from Amazon at a great sale price. This worked great for the outside of the card, but the inside was to small and the machine had a difficult time cutting it. The inside of the card is hand glued with a glue pen.  I added the eyes and a few gems to jazz the card up just a bit. I'm not so sure I'll be doing many cards in the future.

By the way, Happy Birthday Jimmy! 

Lessons Learned: 

1. I used a quart size jar for the "Shine On" jar project. Wow - that will hold a BIG drink. The next ones I do will be on a pint or pint and a half size jar.  Although, the lettering , once cut from the vinyl will be much smaller to work with. We'll see how it goes. 

2. When using the Xyron machine with the Cricut,  the paper backing from the Xyron adhesive would not stick to the Cricut mat. I tried taking the backing off, but it made a mess of the mat. I ended up using painters tape very close to the edges of paper, adhesive and backing to the mat. This worked out well. 

Have you tried using vinyl on glass?  What about your first attempt at creating cards from a Cricut or Silhouette? I'd love to hear about what you've done and how you made out .  Click on Comments  to leave your thoughts. 

Enjoy the day, 

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