Monday, August 19, 2013

Any Reason Is a Good Reason to Create Something

Rarely do I need even one reason to create something. Usually if I see something fun or interesting, and if there is time, I'll try to create something like it. I can't sit still and do nothing,  time's a wastin'!

Last week was Keddy George's birthday. My good friend rescued him four years ago from Georgia (thus the middle name of George). Isn't he just so cute?

So what do you get a dog who has loads of toys and gadgets?  Two years ago I made him a vest with an embroidered picture of him on it. Well, nasty old Irene took it. She seems to pop up a lot, doesn't she? Anyway, I wanted to make something again that would be memorable because he and his family are moving to NC in the fall. My new Cricut came to mind. I decided to make him a first year ornament with his name on it. I've seen these on Pinterest and have wanted to try it so away I went. It was really pretty easy. The hardest thing was not putting to much pressure when adhering the vinyl to the ornament. The back of the ornament says, " First Christmas in NC 2013."

Here is the front of the card I made to go with his gift. This second time making a card was a bit easier and less time consuming than the first. I just might get the hang of it someday.

Lessons learned:

1. The ornament I used had a white coating on it. Once you adhere the vinyl it can't be removed. I wanted to re-position a letter, and pulled the coating off along with the letter. Thank goodness for clear glue.

Here are pics of Keddy as a baby and at his first birthday hoping for some birthday cake!

Have you ever made your pet anything special?

Have a wonderful day,

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