Saturday, August 31, 2013

Getting Busy with Burlap ~ Part 2

After my success with the burlap pillow I've come up with some more ideas for burlap and using my Cricut machine; however, the projects in this post are different. I enjoyed creating with burlap, but it can get messy.

First is a table runner which was quick and easy. I used a premade runner purchased at JoAnn's Etc. , some lace and  ribbon I got at Micheal's.

And here's a note to you creators out there - before heading to either of these stores look online for coupons. Chances are there will be one with significant savings. And, if you are a teacher, both places offer 15% off.

I couldn't find a wide enough ribbon I liked, so I put three layers of the lace on each end topped by ribbon matching the blue in the tab curtains I made last year.

You could use a table runner like this for any time of the year, season or holiday. Just mix up your colors and trim and you've got nice addition to your table.

Next is a wall banner that is even easier than the table runner.  I had some wall space above my desk in my office/sewing room, but I knew I didn't want to hang photos there. I came across this pre printed burlap fabric in JoAnn's ( I've seen it in Micheal's and Hobby Lobby too) and knew just what to do with that space.  I had a piece of 1/4 inch MDF board and Rich cut it to size. I wrapped the burlap around it, stapled it on the back side, added a couple of picture hangers and here it is.
There were some other prints on burlap fabric as well. Although right now, I don't remember what they were.

Last are wreaths for the house. I've been wanting to try these burlap wreaths for a long time. They've been on Pinterest I think since Pinterest started.   Check out this link for loads of wreath designs. For each wreath I used one wire wreath form, 2 rolls of burlap, embellishments and hot glue.

The first wreath hangs behind the front entry.  I would love to put it on the outside, but that will have to wait until the  porch gets built, maybe next summer. It is the larger of the two. I have yet to add some small round pine cones to finish it off.

The second wreath is hanging on  my office/sewing room door. I couldn't resist this white with gray chevron patterned burlap when I saw it in Hobby Lobby. It was 30% off too.  Using a smaller wreath form and colors to compliment my sewing room, I created this wreath with added black wired ribbon for contrast. 

These types of wreaths have become very popular and are made from lots of varying fabrics and materials.  Just check out Pinterest or your favorite craft store for ideas. Here is a link to some mesh wreaths.  Oh no, I just pinned another wreath idea for Halloween!

I'm sure this will be the last post for awhile. School is starting on Monday and the first month is always hectic for me. Hopefully I'll be able to post periodically throughout the fall and winter.

Have you made any projects with burlap? I'd love to hear what you've created. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

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