Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Crafts

Table Runner

Last year  around St. Patty's day I started a Valentine's table runner using scraps of fabric and My Accuquilt Go cutter.  I actually finished it before Valentine's day this year, along with a few other goodies. It's just taken me until now to post.

I love the Accuquilt Go. It quickly cuts strips and shapes using a die cut so you don't have to cut each by hand with shears or rotary cutter. I used both the strips and hearts for the table runner.

I began by cutting the fabric the size of the die I used.  And rolled it through the cutter.

 I had no idea what kind of design I was going to do, at this point I was just winging it. I sewed the strips together, pressed them  and began  playing around with positioning the strips and squares.

I didn't have enough of the pink and grey fabric to make a long runner so I ended up offsetting what I had put together with white fabric.

Next up was cutting the hearts. Gosh I love this tool. It cut the hearts so quick and PERFECT! 

 I appliqued them on the runner,  and finished up the runner the same way I did the St. Patty's Day runner.

 And here's the finished product. Not bad for not having a pattern or knowing what it was going to look like before I started.

Fabric Vase Cover

One of my favorite go to sites for sewing projects is Sew4Home.  There are a variety of projects, they have fantastic giveaways and their tutorials are the best on the web (I think).  I found this project a while ago and decided this was the year I'm finally going to make one.

This is a great project to use up some scraps. I started with the glass container I was going to cover. Then measured and cut fabric for the main cover and ruffle at the top.  Once I placed and sewed the ruffle, I folded up the cover fabric, flipped it right side out and stitched the inside over the ruffle.

I used velcro to hold the cover together around the container, tied it with a bow and voila.

A different way to display flowers for any occasion. For the complete tutorial visit Sew4Home - Vase Skirts with Velvet Bows. 

Falling Felt Hearts

This was a fun project and easy too.  I cut heart shapes using my Accuquilt Go and sewed them using an applique stitch on the machine. I usually sew felt projects by hand, but wanted to try how the machine did on felt. Not too bad; however, depending on the project, I will probably go back to sewing them by hand.

Before grouping the hearts together, I stuffed each with a little fiber fill to give them some dimension.

After stuffing and closing up the openings on each heart, I sewed each heart bottom to the top of another heart leaving space so they could dangle and move wherever they were hung.  

 I then decided to add some sparkle by gluing on some rhinestones to catch the light when hung.

Valentine's Day was just a bit more festive this year at One Twenty Seven with these three projects.

Lessons Learned:

1. When measuring for the vase cover, be sure to allow for plenty of extra room for overlap. If using velcro, you might be able to use it on various size containers.

2. Use a little bit of fray check to keep the thread from coming out on the machine appliqued hearts.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

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