Saturday, January 25, 2014

2013 Christmas Past

Well, the holidays have come and gone. So has the stress of putting up and taking down decorations, shopping for or making the right gifts, and all the hustle and bustle that goes with them. It's usually around this 3 day weekend for the MLK holiday that I can begin to start creating and making again without a sense of rush.   I am busy today with a cricut and sewing project to be unveiled in my next post.  This post, however, will show some of the 'stuff' I made for Christmas 2013.

1. For Mom and Dad Standhart

This was the first attempt at using the popular mesh to create a wreath. Hobby Lobby has the best selection and with a 40% coupon, it was even better. I will definitely make another one, the next being one for my house.

You need a large work space for this type of project so I laid everything out on my table in the basement. I started with a metal wreath form and used pipe cleaners to twist and tie the gathers of mesh to the frame. I added some ribbon, then the words in the middles and hot glued the rest of the decorations.

 I hope Mom and Dad are able to use it in Florida for many years to come.

2. For Mom in Law and My Mom

I received many compliments on the square pumpkin light I made for Halloween so I decided to try a couple for Christmas gifts. 

My mother in law loves red. She also like to watch the birds on her many bird feeders. It seemed a natural match to create a square light with a cardinal on it. This was so easy. I cut the cardinal out of red vinyl, adhered it to a square KraftyBlok, added some winter decor , lights and here you go: 

My Mom loves yellow roses; so of course I incorporated them into the lighted block I made her. On both blocks I used a light colored vellum paper as a background. This helped to diffuse the stark sight of the lights inside.  I also added a little bling by using some glue on crystals and beads.

3.  Key fobs for the Siblings, Nieces,  and Nephews

I saw the idea for these key fobs  a long time ago on Pinterest. Finally, a chance to make them for some special people.  I searched the web for just the right fabric and ribbon to match the "likes" of the recipients. I purchased the hardware from Amazon.

 I decided to make these fobs about an inch wide. I was able to find fusible waistband interfacing the size I needed and adhered that to the two fabrics I used. I then sewed the two fabrics together and added the hardware. I love these fobs. It makes it so much easier to carry and find my keys on a day to day basis.

Shannon  and Amanda - flip flops of course;  Lindsey - cows; Austin - soccer of course; Kelly - purple camo; Kim - moose lol; Cody - International Harvester; Rae - Patriots; Lindsay - crayons for the new teacher; For the guys - camo; Donna - starfish and sand dollars; Val and Michelle - floral and chevron; Amanda and Mary, chevron and pink camo.

4. Hugs and Kisses for Donna

My friend Donna's signature always included an XO so I decided to use the Cricut and a recycled candle jar to make a candy "dish" ( not really, but I don't know what you'd call it).  I filled it with Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.

 5. Slaughter Shot Glasses

I'm sure you've seen the mason jar wine glasses and mugs which are all the rage. I decided to add another beverage set to the country glassware.   You can probably guess what these are made from.

If you are from Schoharie County you'll know what the term "slaughter" means. I made these for two former residents who will never outgrow the title. These shot glasses are right up their alley especially now that they've tried the local shine.

6. Aunt Sammy's Pillow

My Aunt Sam who is 83 years young, loves baseball and books. Last year I made her a fleece baseball blanket to keep her warm on the chilly nights in North Carolina and the chilly spring and fall days here in NY.

1. I love all the new designs of Minky Fabrics. They are so soft. I decided to choose red because it is Aunt Sam's favorite color. My daughter used to call her "the lady in red."
2. Choose the letters you want and cut them from paper. Iron a piece of Wonder Under
to the back of the fabric you'll use for the letters. Place the letters backwards.
3. Trace them and cut the letters out. 

4. Flip your cut out letters and peel off the paper backing.
5. Place the letters on the fabric. Use a pressing cloth to cover the letters
on the fabric  and press until secure.
6. Applique letters. 

Finished Pillow! 

She loved the pillow and her new book from Kim. :) 

Phew,  it's been a busy season.  Looking forward to creating some new treasures.

Hope you had a great holiday season and are looking forward to the new year.

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