Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Flip Flop Time

Shannon made her move to Myrtle Beach a couple of months ago and is loving it.  She loves the beach and anything to do with the beach and wishes she could wear flip flops all year round. Well here's the next best thing, a Flip Flop Wreath.  It was a fairly easy project and looks great on her patio at her new apartment. 

To get started I gathered all the supplies. The Dollar Tree had flip flops for $1 , of course. While I was there I picked up some various flowers.  Next door in Walmart I was able to find some stick on gems and a spool of ribbon.  

Lay out the flip flops as they would look on the wreath.  There has to be some sort of stable backing to attach the flip flops to.  Some people use wire wreath forms, but I chose to create a ring of cardboard and covered it with scraps of leftover fabric. 

I did this by hot gluing the fabric to the cardboard and then gluing the flip flops to the covered ring. 

I then made a bow from the ribbon making sure to have plenty of wire to force through one of the strap openings in a flip flop to create a loop hook on the back. 

Arrange the flowers as you would like and hot glue them to the flip flops. 

Finish it off by adding the gems to give it a little summer sparkle. 

Maybe one of these day's Shannon will send me a photo of how it looks on her patio in Myrtle Beach. Better yet, I guess I'll have to take the picture WHEN I visit. 

Happy Summer! 

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