Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loosen Those Jar Tops Quick and Easy

Here's a simple and quick solution for getting those stubborn jar caps off  without straining your wrists or rubbing the skin from your hands.

Start with fabric of your choice , I used about an 8"  square. I purchased a roll of that foamy, for lack of a better work, shelf liner. It's kind of like rubber, but lighter and really does grip. Cut the same size as the fabric.

Then pin right sides together and sew around the outside using 1/4" allowance. Leave an opening big enough to turn it right side out.

Trim the edges and corners.

Turn the square right side out. 

 Top stitch around the perimeter of the square.

And there you have it. Of course you can make these any size, color, or shape you want. Makes a quick and easy stocking stuffer, shower, house warming or just because gift.

Time to start using those scraps.

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