Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Going to Have One of These Soon

During my recent visit to my sister's home in Fayettville NC, she enlightend me and my mother to the smooth frozen beverages from a Ninja. Although I'd heard of  a Ninja, I'd never seen one in real life. I was amazed how quickly and easily it chopped ice.

Mind you, I've had the Magic Bullet for some time now and I"ve made my share or frozen beverages in it, but the Ninja... bigger, faster, two blades instead of one, etc....
When I returned home, I borrowed the Ninja from my other sister. (How come both of them have one and I don't? ) I figured I've give it a few days worth of a workout in the kitchen before I go out and get one for myself. So here's what I made:

Experiment 1 - Blueberry Pancakes  - They were very tasty, but I dare not show you what they looked like. No one told me to hold on the top of the darn Ninja or it might just jump off. That it did, right onto the griddle as I was pouring the batter on. Yes, batter was all over. From then on, I held the top as I poured (anything).
I like this appliance because it has a chopping bowl and a nice big blender. As you can see I made a batter for pancakes. It waas easy to remove contents and clean up.

Experiment 2 - Blueberry Muffins - Another delicious recipe from the Ninja cookbook. This book is a must if you have a Ninja, there are some terrific recipes included.
* Blueberries are from Barber's Farm, Middleburgh NY
This was enough for me. When the Ninja goes on sale, or it comes out with just a tad bigger chopping bowl, I'm running to get one!

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